About Easy Pilot Logbook

MeWhen I fist started flying for a small regional airline in Canada, I quickly discovered that using a paper logbook was tedious and made it difficult to keep track of my flying hours.

I searched for an electronic version of a pilot logbook, but I could not find a solution that was as customizable or as affordable as building a simple Excel spreadsheet.

With the help of some techie friends, Easy Pilot Logbook was born.

Using the spreadsheet is simple and the benefits include:

   1. Easily keeping track of hours, and providing breakdowns needed for some licence applications

   2. Automatically keeping track of how much has been flown, as not to exceed legal limitations

   3. Cost - free, although donations are always appreciated.

I'm sharing Easy Logbook to give a little back to the aviation community. I had a lot of help to get to where I am today, and this is my way of helping out others in the industry.

If you have any problems, or would like to see something included in the next version of Easy Pilot Logbook, please feel free to contact me.